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“Toy Story” took in $47,390,000 on Friday night including $12 million of Thursday previews. That’s pretty good considering “Toy Story 3,” a mega hit, made $41 million on its opening night in July 2010. A $130 million weekend is being eyed by Disney through tomorrow night. Disney just keeps swinging!

Elsewhere at the box office:

“Rocketman” has nice legs. They’ll cross $75 million this weekend, heading to $100 million. Everyone should be proud. They were never going to duplicate “Bohemian Rhapsody.” This is a huge success.

The remake of “Shaft” is kind of dead with around $14 million. The Isaac Hayes thing hurt. We’ll see it on a plane, maybe with some snakes.

“Dark Phoenix” is closing out the weekend at around $60 million. By the time of star Sophie Turner’s wedding next week it will be a memory. I hope no one was going to the wedding dressed as an X Man.



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