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“Madame X” will be number 1 for the week just ended thanks to ticket bundling.

Madonna’s new album is really not the top of the charts. Bruce Springsteen’s “Western Stars” was number 1 all week on amazon and iTunes, and clearly deserves the top spot.

But “Madame X” technically outsold “Western Stars” by around 25,000 copies thanks to inclusion with her concert tickets. Very Trumpian, I’d say.

Next week, “Madame X” will have dropped like a rock and everyone will wonder Why? Oh, we know.

Already with new releases today, “Western Stars” has dropped to 10, but “Madame X” is 27. So that gives you an idea.

Congrats to Bruce, who’s on his way to multiple Grammy nominations (we hope, you never know). His whole catalog is selling like hotcakes, too.

What is a Pyrrhic victory? It’s one that isn’t, it inflicts so much damage on the winner that it’s not worth it.

PS Bruce fans I hope you’re listening to Little Steven’s “Summer of Sorcery” and Nils Lofgren’s “Blue with Lou.” It’s a great summer for E Streeters!

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