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I can only imagine that clearer heads at RCA didn’t want to release Miley Cyrus’s “She is Coming.” The 6 track EP has now come, and gone. This was a mistake all around.

“She is Coming” finished its first week with 35,000 in sales including streaming, just 11,000 downloads. It’s in fifth place on the charts, and has no radio play to speak of. It also had no marketing except on social media, where Miley, who’d come so far, retreated to her skank pose from several years ago.

The songs on “She is Coming” weren’t particularly strong, and it’s hard to know who they were aimed at. One song, called “D.R.E.A.M,” stood for Drugs Rule Everything About Me. So uncool, so stupid, so not for this environment. What’s the point?  “Pop a molly,” indeed.

The irony is that Miley’s totally unhip dad had a number 1 smash hit with Lil Nas X in their duet on “Old Town Road.” Billy Ray Cyrus was as out of the loop as he could have been. Now he’s back, and Miley’s music is being ignored.

At the same time, one of Miley’s peers, Katy Perry, released a single that’s become a top 5 hit. I like Katy a lot, I don’t like “Never Really Over,” which has 9 credited writers. But she hit the sweet spot on the charts, and for radio. Miley should learn a lesson from this experience. She has such potential. But it’s time to abandon this tongue crap, and videos of slurping out the inside of fruit. It’s just juvenile, and not serving her any good at all.

Maybe it’s time for a good manager.

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