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Don’t say “Rocketman” isn’t flying high.

The Elton John biopic was up 57% Tuesday over Monday, which means adults are flocking to see it. The total since Friday is now at $31.8 million. Word of mouth is spreading, and it’s all good.

Meantime, Sir Elton has two versions of his greatest hits albums on in the top 10 including a boxed set with 51 tracks. The “Rocketman” soundtrack is also in the top 10. Elton John’s catalog is doing as well as Queen’s was when “Bohemian Rhapsody” was in theaters.

The big news is that the original “Rocket Man” single is also back on the singles chart, at number 57. Maybe radio will start playing it again. That would be bliss!

“Rocketman” will hit $100 million without too much trouble by next week at the latest.



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