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Miley Cyrus has done everything she can to sex it up for “She is Coming,” the double entendre named EP she released on Friday.

It was a bad move to stimulate sales, or penetrate a market that wasn’t happening for her. The below video, which she Tweeted, says it all. She wants to be a Bad Girl.

But so far, Miley is striking out. “She is Coming” hasn’t been able to higher than number 2 on iTunes. And the singles have been duds. “Mother’s Daughter” is number 21 and “The Most” is 87. They’re not happening.

In its first 24 hours, according to BuzzAngle, “She is Coming” sold only 8,400 copies, a total of 15,700 including streaming of the album and singles.

I told you on Friday, the EP has a song that encourages taking ecstasy. It’s called “D.R.E.A.M.” which stands for Drugs Rule Everything Around Me.”

Either Miley is bipolar, or this six song EP is some weird way to look for an audience that isn’t there.

Cyrus has one of the great voices, country or pop, but she needs guidance. She think she still needs to shed the “Hannah Montana” persona. She doesn’t. She should be concentrating on a Linda Ronstadt-type career. She can just be a great artist. But this other stuff is gross, frankly. It’s not doing her any favors. She’s squandering her voice and our time.

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