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Just getting to Sunday night’s cable ratings.

The Kardashians took the prior week off to get away from the “Game of Thrones” finale. So they returned this Sunday with fewer than 1 million viewers. Actually they were only at 900,000. They’re scraping along with the worst ratings of their idiotic TV careers. How long will this last? I guess E! won’t cancel them until they hit bottom at 500,000. That will be next season. Do people still care about them? I can’t imagine it. Are the ratings just for people in mental hospitals and nursing homes?

“Game of Thrones” is gone, so now what? HBO aired a “Thrones” documentary on Sunday and it was beaten by “90 Day Fiance.”  The doc only got 1.6 million viewers, a fraction of the show’s audience. There wasn’t a lot of interest in behind the scenes stuff, I guess.

The only cable show that scored over 2 million viewers was the gloppy Hallmark drama, “When Calls the Heart,” which just dropped Lori Loughlin after her college admissions scandal. It was the number 1 cable show of the night with 2.38 million people watching paint dry. No dragons, no medieval sex. There ya go. It’s summer.

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