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At last, CBS will air “The Good Fight” on the real network, like on TV, for the first time beginning June 16th. They’re showing Season 1. If they’re smart, they’ll just keep going.

Christine Baranski, easily the best actress on TV, continued her character, Diane Lockhart, from “The Good Wife” when that show ended. Cush Jumbo and Gary Cole also came over.

But CBS only airs the show on their streaming site, which few people know exist. It’s too bad. “The Good Fight” is better than almost everything on network TV.

This is the same network that wouldn’t pay Julianna Margulies, the star of the original show, a decent wage to reprise her character from “The Good Wife.” All of this is crazy.

Now that “The Good Fight” is here, can “Star Trek: Discovery” be far behind? Broadcast TV could revive itself if it just offered decent programming.

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