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Miley Cyrus jettisoned her good girl Hannah Montana image several years ago when she got on her wrecking ball. Naked. Miley went through a period of Twerking that took her through a major pot phase, posing nude for Terry Richardson, and selling millions of records. The whole thing culminated in her free Dead Petz project. She was as far from being nice little girl pop singer as possible.

But then cooler heads prevailed. Miley did another 180, or a full 360, and released a country album rated PG called “Younger Now.” It was a bomb. Then, over the past Christmas holiday, she put out a new single. “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” with producer Mark Ronson. It was a minor hit but suggested that Miley, now married to Liam Hemsworth, was going to go MOR (Middle of the Road) for a kind of Reba career. It wasn’t a bad idea.

However: today Miley has announced a new single release for Friday called “She is Coming.” Her tongue is hanging out of her mouth, she’s released clips that signal she’s gone lascivious again including the one below that shows a peeled banana, dripping in syrup and sprinkles. Is it schizophrenia? Or commercially aware of her?

If the title of the new song is “She is Coming,” ya know, we get it. Will radio? Back in 1967, Sam & Dave’s “Hold on, I’m Coming” had to retitled “Hold On, I’m-a Coming” lest people get the wrong idea. (It was actually Isaac Hayes yelling to the band from the bathroom.)

Miley has to decide on an image for herself. Is she the new Dolly Parton or is she Sylvia Robinson singing “Pillow Talk”? Just a thought, but the former is still here 40 years later.

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