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Is there nothing else Whitney Houston’s family can do to her now that she’s dead?

You think, no, what else could there be? She’s dead, her daughter’s dead, her possible worst secret has been revealed in a documentary sanctioned by the family? What else is there? You wrack your brain.

And then, here is is: a tour, featuring Whitney as a hologram, with a band led by her brother Gary, husband of Pat Houston, Whitney’s executor.

That’s it.

I remember when Joseph Jackson brought a Michael Jackson imitator with him to the BET Awards four days after Michael died in 2009. That seemed to be the bottom of crassness.

But now there’s this. The remaining Houstons have figured out a way to cash in on Whitney and debase her at the same time. Basically, her brother will now be on stage with his sister’s ghost. Is there an audience for this? Who could those people be?

What could stop this folly? Maybe Sony not giving them the rights to the musical recordings. That would be a blessing.  Anything to stop this madness.


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