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And so, it’s over.

“Game of Thrones” has finished up with unhappy endings. Jon Snow killed his crazy lover and was banished to Siberia. He died and was revived for this? At least he pet his dog.

The final episode ended with a meta inside joke about author George RR Martin and his original book, “Song of Fire and Ice.” Very cute, not especially clever. And the author of the fake “Song of Fire and Ice” has written the whole history of Westeros without mentioning Tyrion. Yuck yuck yuck.

Bran, the kid in the wheelchair, becomes King of the South. His sister Sansa is Queen of the North.

The Iron Throne we all worried about? Melted by Drogon the Dragon. No one sits on it.

Arya Stark heads West, past the end of the maps, to see what’s out there. She finds Middle Earth, and a boyfriend named Frodo. (Just kidding.)

Ratings? We’ll see in the morning if regular TV was crushed. We won’t know “GoT” ratings until late tomorrow. They’ll be huge.

But the outrage from fans? Yikes.

And PS, like I said yesterday, the Lannisters were dead.

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