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First, I told you that French distributor MARS would release Woody Allen’s “Rainy Day in New York” this fall.

Then news broke that an Italian distributor had been chosen.

Now I’m told that “Rainy Day” will come out in the US this fall from someone still undetermined.

Yes, there’s $68 million lawsuit filed by Woody vs. Amazon, which I hope he wins. But in the meantime, no one’s getting younger. “Rainy Day” has a lot of stars, and they want to be seen on screen, not in a courtroom. What I’m told is that the lawsuit will go on, and the movie will come out anyway. I can’t wait to see it!

Will anyone promote it? Timothee Chalamet released a premature and reactionary statement about never working with Woody again. I hope he reconsiders that based on actual, not fake, news.

The rest of the cast, and Woody, should promote “Rainy Day,” just insist they will only answer questions about the film and filmmaking.  If anyone asks about Dylan or Mia Farrow, the actor should respond: “First, let’s ask Mia about her brother, John Farrow, convicted of child molestation and currently serving time in a prison.” That should stop ’em. Woody was never arrested or tried for any crimes because none were committed by him. But John Farrow was. End of discussion.

Who could distribute “Rainy Day” in the US? Plenty of people. This website will host screenings for tastemakers if asked. Woody Allen is a genius and a lovely man. We are lucky to have him. Just ask his family. And his close friends.

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