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After nearly a decade, the Jett Travolta Foundation may be winding down.

Formed in 2008 after John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s autistic 16 year old son Jett died in the Bahamas, the Foundation only has a fair market value of $42,783 according to the newest tax filing.

The Travoltas gave away about $48,000. Around $18,000 of that went to Scientolgy-related organizations. That’s ironic since Scientology never allowed the Travoltas to admit Jett was autistic. They always said he had Kawasaki Syndrome, and was affected by household cleaners.

John only admitted Jett was autistic when he spoke to the Bahamian police.

Their biggest donation was $10,000 to the Institute for the Achievement of Human Behavior, a Scientology group. Another $1,000 to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, which is also Scientology.

They did donate $1,000 to the Motion Picture Academy Museum.

Travolta’s next mostly straight-to-video movie, “The Poison Rose,” comes out on May 24th.

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