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Doris Day ruled the charts long before I was born. She had hit after hit from the late 40s through the 1950s.

Now that she’s passed away at age 97, Doris is back on the charts at least for a few days.

On the iTunes singles chart, “Que Sera Sera” is at number 68.

On the iTunes album chart, Doris has placed greatest hits albums at numbers 36 and 81.

It’s a nice tribute to her even if it’s just a few thousand copies.

As for streaming, who knows? Most of Doris’s fans may not know about Spotify. But I’ll bet there are a few.

BTW, Doris’s catalogue of hits is much bigger than just “Que Sera Sera.” Give them all a listen. That dreamy-creamy voice holds up better than ever these days. Taylor Swift et al, should be so lucky!


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