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Stunning: “Avengers: Endgame” now in its 3rd week, made $63 million this weekend. WTH? Most movies are happy to earn that much period, for their entire run.

“Endgame” moved past “Black Panther” on the all time box office list, and took the number 3 spot in so doing. The Avengers now eye the number 2 spot, held by “Avatar.”

That’s only $27 million away from here, so it seems likely James Cameron will have to issue another congratulatory message soon. “Endgame” is at $723 million, with no evidence of slowing down. Could it hit number 1 and supplant “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at $936 million? Anything is possible!

Look how times have changed. The former number 1 movie, “ET: The Extra Terrestrial,” which had characters and a story, is way down the list now at number 20. It’s the Empire State Building of movies: still the tallest and most majestic even though it’s been eclipsed by all kinds of tom-foolery.

The number 100 movie is now “Gravity,” one of the few ‘straight’ films on the all time list.

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