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Last year “Fresh off the Boat” sitcom star Constance Wu was thrilled to learn her show was renewed for a fifth season.

But since then, Wu starred in the mega hit movie comedy “Crazy Rich Asians.” There will be at least two sequels.

So when “Fresh off the Boat” was renewed today by ABC for a sixth season, Wu didn’t sound as thrilled as she did last year. She Tweeted: “So upset right now I’m literally crying. Ugh. Fuck.” She added on a second Tweet: “Fucking hell.”

Her response was quite different from last year, when she told an interviewer: “It’s kind of nice to have the stability and the family-like atmosphere of our show. Everyone there, we’ve known each other for over four years, most of the crew and all of the cast, so it’s very familiar,” she shared. “We’ve done four seasons, so there’s not that much pressure. And when you don’t have pressure, you can be free and experiment with the characters and play around.”

But a movie hit can change your life. Wu may get pushed off the Boat after these comments. Or they will make her stay and finish her contract. Unfortunately, “Boat” is made for ABC-Disney, “Crazy” is at Warner Brothers. ABC isn’t going t make it easy for her to leave the show. I do wonder, Can no one in this generation restrain themselves from social media suicide?

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