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The Kardashians– aka the Addams Family– made the scene in various fright wigs last night at the Met Ball, aka Spring Halloween Fest.

But Sunday night, the ratings for their reality show continued in decline. “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” fell slightly from 895,000 to 829,000, another low in their drift into the abyss.  They are pretty much at their all time low at this point. Isn’t it time to wrap this stuff up? But E! doesn’t have anything to replace it, and they just cancelled the very good Busy Phillips talk show. So now what?

“Thrones” scored 11.8 million, a little off their high from the previous week but well within their red zone of championship. A Starbucks coffee cup and a beheading added to the lure.

“Thrones” pulls along “Barry” — 1.986 million viewers, and “Veep”– 1.072 million. I can’t believe “Veep” is ending this Sunday. I weep for “Veep.” These last episodes have been action packed. Last Sunday Selina had her Julian Assange m0ment, among other things. We are going to miss her terribly!

PS How drugged did Kanye look last night in his MetBall photos? He hasn’t Tweeted since January 1st. They’ve got him locked down, but for how long?



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