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“American Idol” faced a worse fate than Dany’s dragon last night in the ratings.

“Idol” dropped 23% from last week. It’s like a free fall. Total number of viewers was 6.7 million. They lost a total of TWO MILLION fans from last week’s very high 8.7 million.

The second hour of “Idol” overlaps with “Game of Thrones,” which may explain what happened. The 9 to 10pm hour brought in just 6.598 million from an earlier 6.837 million. “Idol” fans usually stick around to see what happened to the contestants. But the pull of Westeros was too much. The key demo also plummeted!

Strange, too, since last week “Idol” was way up despite the “Thrones” Battle of Winterfell. But this week they decamped in droves!

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