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Madonna is burning through money on her new single, “Medellin.”

According to TMZ, she’s going to spend $5 million to recreate the video she made with Colombian singer Maluma at the Billboard Music Awards.

No one knows what the video itself cost, but it looks like it cost $5 million in extras, costumes, make up and so on.

So far “Medellin” has sold just 9,600 copies according to Buzz Angle Music, from downloads. Including streaming, the number rises to 28,400. These are not good numbers.

On YouTube, “Medellin” has been viewed 12,700,000. That sounds like a lot but it isn’t. According to Quora, You Tubers make between $2,000 and $5,000 per million views. For example, at the high end, Ariana Grande streamed “7 Rings” 13 million times last week and made $109,000.

So Madonna has not cleared $100,000 for “Medellin” on everything all together. Maybe she’s earned $75,000. She spends that much at lunch.

Madonna seems to be beating a dead horse with “Medellin.” The single is not in the iTunes top 100 and hasn’t registered on the Spotify US charts.

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