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Adele is getting a divorce from her husband, one Simon Konecki. Sounds sad, which is good. Now she will material for songs on a new album. Her last album, “25,” came out five years ago. Breakups are what fueled her prior hit records. Misery is the most popular subject in pop music.

It’s good news for Konecki, too. He runs a modest, kind of failing charity that’s supposed to bring water to parched Africa nations. Drop4Drop, according to the British Charity Register, has assets of only 59,000 British pounds, or $77,000.  In 2018, they gave grants of 219,000 British down from 332,683 Sterling in 2017.

Meantime, Adele is probably worth around $50 million, and that’s a low estimate. Her records, especially “25,” have sold millions and millions. Her 2016-17 world tour grossed around $220 million, according to reports.

She married Konecki in 2016 after she had their baby in October 2o12, Konecki will not only be rolling in the deep, but rolling in the dough for some time to come. That divorce should be the stuff of supermarket tabloids for the rest of the year.

Remember, all the great divas have had several husbands. Adele now joins that group.

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