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Well, who could have guessed this?

We’ve been told over and over that Korean boy band BTS was the cat’s pajamas, the biggest thing since the Beatles. So their appearance on “Saturday Night Live” should have been a ratings firecracker.

Uh, no.

Instead, “SNL” ratings were at a season low on Saturday night. According to tvbythenumbers.com: “In late-night, the Emma Stone-hosted episode of “Saturday Night Live” posted a 3.9 rating in metered-market households, and a 1.5 in adults 18-49, down from the 4.4 and 1.7 ratings that the Kit Harington-hosted episode had scored the previous Saturday. Last night’s episode also marked a new season low for “SNL” in the metered-market households, and tied its 18-49 season low.”

American kids are less interested in BTS than thought. What’s really interesting is that BTS’s Friday takeover of the iTunes chart dissipated just as fast. After placing 7 tracks in the top 10 on Friday morning, BTS is now mostly gone. Did they game iTunes in some way? If so, this isn’t the first time that happened.

As for “SNL,” they can’t say BTS fans were too young to stay up to see them on the show. But it does seem like the BTS phenom is over-rated, or maybe, orchestrated. In any case, they did “SNL” no favors. Me, I’d have rather have a BLT. Or BTO.

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