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I told you twice last month that Elton John’s biopic, “Rocketman,” was going to Cannes. Once on March 7th, and the next time on March 20th.

That didn’t stop the Hollywood Reporter from writing it today, with no mention of my stories. Of course, they don’t tell you that Sir Elton cleared dates on his European tour so he would be available to appear on the red carpet the first week of Cannes.

They also didn’t tell you that he will play the piano, maybe on the red carpet, which would be amazing. In any case, you know the deejay at the Palais des Festivals will have an all-Elton set booming that night.

“Rocketman” will premiere either on Wednesday or Thursday after opening night. Bernie Taupin will be on hand, as will Elton’s partner, David Furnish, maybe their little boys, which would be swell, and the whole cast. Director Dexter Fletcher will be there, too.

And by the way, “Rocketman” opens in the US on May 31st, not on the 24th, as the Reporter claims.


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