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In 2014, the Sharia Law that promised to not just torture but kill LGBTQ people under the Sultan of Brunei brought an immediate protest of the Beverly Hills Hotel. All big Hollywood events were cancelled, and if celebrities were seen at the Polo Lounge or staying at the hotel they were heavily criticized.

But it time, the boycott softened. Events were being booked there again. Short memories meant a slow coming back to the beloved Polo Lounge.

Last month, London publicist Charles Finch moved his annual pre-Oscar Chanel dinner there. Avowed LGBTQ friendly celebs Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart were guests. They’d either forgotten about the Brunei connection or didn’t know it. In retrospect they’re not going to be too pleased considering starting next Wednesday, if they showed up in Brunei, they’d be stoned to death– or worse.

Fashion publication The Daily Front Row just hosted an event at the BHH on March 19th. Celebs included Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, and Busy Phillips, not to mention lots of famous models. All of them will now disavow having been at the Pink Hotel, no doubt.

Other recent BHH events included a fashion show by E! TV’s Giuliani Rancic, whose husband, Bill Rancic, the first winner of “The Apprentice,” has remained mum about former boss Donald Trump.

If a new boycott takes root this week, the BHH will have more headaches, as will sponsors of events that take place on its historic grounds.

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