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What’s that sound? The sound of silence? It’s very quiet in Kanye land.

That’s because outspoken rapper Kanye West, who has manically posted dozen of Tweets in one hour, is off social media. Totally. Kanye hasn’t Tweeted since January 1st. His Instagram account is gone. His last Tweet, dated New Years Day, threatened that he’d be wearing his red MAGA hat from then on, all the time.

And since then, bliss.

The only news about Kanye is that to promote his latest sneaker, which starts at $300, he’s selling them at lemonade stands. He says all the proceeds will go to the National Alliance on Mental Health. That’s all the profits from sales at the pop up lemonade stands, not the profits from store bought or online sneakers. Adidas isn’t featuring Kanye’s Yeezy on their home page, but if you dig down you can find them. (The connection to the National Alliance may have been cooked up by their PR firm, SunshineSachs.)

Well, I guess Kanye is making lemonade from lemons. His shoes are not top sellers but they are collectors items for some. He never did release his “Yandhi” album. But at least he’s out of our hair, for now. And he’s not saying crazy things like “Slavery is an option.” For now.

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