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It’s all about “Us” this weekend.

Jordan Peele’s follow up to “Get Out” scored a huge $29 million Friday including $7.4 mil from Thursday previews. By Sunday night, the modern horror film could have $70 million in the bank.

This is despite some disappointing reaction from social media last night. A lot of Tweets I read didn’t find “Us” as compelling as reviewers did. But that’s not going to stop the momentum. People want to see this movie.

“Us” will not top last fall’s “Halloween,” which had an opening weekend of $76.2 million. But it will do twice the business of “Get Out”– that’s kind of weird factoid because no one knew what “Get Out” was when it opened.

Still, the important thing here is that Jordan Peele has become a top filmmaker, he’s using top black actors, and he’s part of the quickly changing landscape of cinema.

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