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It’s that time of the year again.

The Kennedy Center Honors has sent out questionnaires to past winners, the artists’ committee, other friends asking who they think should be honored this year.

The Ken Cen got into a lot of hot water this past year for giving a pre-emptive award to the “Hamilton” creators. Usually, you have to wait for the award. There are plenty of creative people who’ve been on lists for years and snubbed because of inside politics.

Maybe the worst and most egregious pass-overs have been Dick van Dyke and Doris Day. They’re each in their 90s and can’t wait much longer. Doris won’t come to the ceremony, she stays in Carmel, California. But it would be easy enough to set up a live video feed from there. Imagine all the great singers who could sing her songs. van Dyke would come. It’s criminal that he hasn’t been invited. Soul Man Sam Moore, of Sam & Dave fame, is the last among the great R&B stars who isn’t in.

Last year, the Ken Cen broke a tradition and honored Norman Lear. The old rule was you had to be an entertainer. But it does seem like Berry Gordy, founder of Motown, should be inducted. He created a whole genre of music. Impresarios aren’t easy to come by.

There are several actors who aren’t in the Ken Cen. Jane Fonda is a definite. So is Denzel Washington. Woody Allen– but that would take courage. His cinema legacy is worldwide. The Ken Cen also needs to acknowledge classical music, opera, and jazz.

Who do you think should get a Kennedy Center honor this year?


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