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Wait? What? On Sunday night, “The Walking Dead” scored just 4.8 million viewers in the second episode of its new season.

The once formidable cable juggernaut was BEATEN soundly at 9pm by the Aretha Franklin special on CBS. “Aretha! A Grammy Special” garnered an average 5.3 million viewers. Indeed, at 10pm, “Talking Dead” — which is a panel discussion about what just happened to the Zombie hunters — had just 2 million.

You can’t compare subscription cable to network shows. But “Walking Dead” is included on every cable system. You can’t escape AMC. It’s not HBO or Showtime. It’s really no different than another network.

At its zenith, “The Walking Dead” boasted 17 million viewers in 2014-15. I do think it’s time to wrap it up. They’ve lost 12 million fans.

And Aretha: she’s smiling down from heaven.

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