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Ariana Grande. Is she annoying? Yes. Talented Yes.

Ariana’s second album in six months, called “Thank You, Next,” sold 355,000 copies in its debut week and landed at number 1.

That’s more than all the rest of the top 50 albums added together.

Also, 12 songs from “Thank You, Next” hit the top 20 Streaming Songs Chart on hitsdailydouble.

Grande wants to be the Next Big Diva. She’s getting there. Her ex fiance Mac Miller killed himself. She had a bad breakup with ex fiance Pete Davidson. She was there when a tragic mass shooting took place in Manchester, England. She fought publicly with Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich.

And she’s only 25.

Some songwriters who’ve worked with her say she’s a Grande headache. So the plan is working. On Twitter today she and her mother talked about how Ariana used to stand in the mirror and imitate Madonna.

We have a lot to look forward to. I will say this– she as a terrific voice. I wish she’d use it on better material. Don’t make the Mariah mistake and squander your instrument on bad songs.

Here’s the best song on the new album:

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