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Good news!
Billionaire hotel heir Dan Pritzker is finally releasing his jazz movie, “Bolden.”

He started shooting it in 2008. Pritzker filmed a whole version starring Anthony Mackie as jazz great Buddy Bolden. But then he scrapped his $100 million movie and started over.

Now Gary Carr plays Bolden. There’s still a Branford Marsalis soundtrack. It’s unclear how much more Pritzker spent. But it looks like he’s self releasing on May 3rd. I’m surprised he’s not waiting two more weeks for Cannes.

You can read an old interview I did with Pritzker here

Remember: “Bolden” is a passion project. It’s taken 11 years to come to fruition. Plenty of people want it to fail. I don’t. I’d like to see it be a surprise. Pritzker has his heart in the right place, that’s for sure.

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