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Joni Mitchell and her music are coming to a movie theater near you for one night on February 7th. In what looks like a wide digital release, Trafalgar Releasing is sending out a film made from Joni’s 75th birthday concert held last November over two nights. There’s an all star cast of musicians performing Joni’s music (see below). Joni was in the audience and obviously loved every bit of it.

The list below is for the CD, which will be out on streaming services on March 8th. I don’t know if there are more songs in the concert film. But if you’re not up on Joni Mitchell, now is the time. She’s one of the most important and innovative artists of all time. Start with “Blue,” then “Court and Spark,” then my favorite, “The Hissing of Summer Lawns.” After that, there’s so much to choose from including “Ladies of the Canyon,” “Hejira,” and “Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter.”

PS It’s a nice touch that James Taylor is included. Before he met and married Carly Simon, James had a fling with Joni. She appears on his first two Warner Bros. albums, which also feature Carole King at the time she was making “Tapestry” and “Carole King Music.” Read Sheila Weller’s book, “Girls Like Us,” for more info.

1. Dreamland – Performed by Los Lobos
2. Help Me – Performed by Chaka Khan
3. Amelia – Performed by Diana Krall
4. All I Want – Performed by Rufus Wainwright
5. Coyote – Performed by Glen Hansard
6. River – Performed by James Taylor
7. Both Sides Now – Performed by Seal
8. Our House – Performed by Graham Nash
9. A Case Of You – Performed by Kris Kristofferson & Brandi Carlile
10. Down to You – Performed by Brandi Carlile
11. Blue – Performed by Rufus Wainwright
12. Court And Spark – Performed by Norah Jones
13. Nothing Can Be Done – Performed by Los Lobos
14. The Magdalene Laundries – Performed by Emmylou Harris
15. Woodstock – Performed by James Taylor
16. Big Yellow Taxi – Performed by La Marisoul, James Taylor, Chaka Khan, and Brandi Carlile

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