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December 28th– it wasn’t that long ago. Three weeks.

Yet in that time no one from Los Angeles or from KTLA has answered this question: Why was anchor Chris Burrous at a suburban Days Inn at one o’clock in the afternoon? Why did he overdose and what from? What caused his death?

The 43 year old anchorman, so popular in Los Angeles, remains a mystery and so does his tragic death. Married, with a young daughter, Burrous was the embodiment of a public celebrity– peppy, avuncular, full of life. One thing we know is that he loved to eat. His “Burrous Bites” segments were a highlight of the station and his career.

But on December 28th a still unknown man– known, actually to the Glendale Police Department– called in Burrous’s overdose.

No police report is available from the incident and won’t be until the autopsy is released. Even then we may not know what happened. And L.A. media quickly covered up whatever they knew about Burrous. Did he have a secret life? Was there another side to Burrous the public was unaware of?

And meantime, Burrous’s family has raised $135,000 in two separate gofundme campaigns. Even that begs questions no one in Los Angeles asked. Didn’t he have savings? A pension? Life insurance? Gofundme is usually used to raise money for people who’ve survived natural disasters, or don’t have insurance, or are destitute. Wasn’t Burrous earning a decent wage at KTLA?

Below, a video from Burrous’s funeral, which was held without much fanfare. Sadly, it was on his 44th birthday.

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