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M. Night Shyamalan’s “Glass” cracked over the weekend. After a $16 million Thurs-Fri opening, the comic book thriller slowed down considerably. The three day take is at $40 million. That strong opening didn’t translate into “legs,” although snow may have slowed the audience down. It remains to be seen how “Glass” will pay out for Universal, since Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson no doubt get dollar one, and James McAvoy is no slouch either.

Good news: “Bohemian Rhapsody” crossed the $200 million mark. “A Star is Born” beat them to it, which means two of the biggest movies of 2018 were musical in nature. That’s good news for the Elton John movie coming called “Rocket Man.” Are more music movies coming? Undoubtedly.

“The Mule” will hit $100 million this week, with a final goal of $120 million. I’ve been hammering away at it not getting an Oscar campaign, but insiders say no one involved was interested. Clint Eastwood has nothing to prove or gain, and apparently Dianne Wiest– who has an Oscar– just wasn’t into it.

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