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Big news this afternoon: Jesse Angelo, publisher of the NY Post, and golden boy in the Murdoch empire, is out. Angelo is bffs with James Murdoch, so this is surprising. But– James Murdoch is about to leave News Corp. as his brother Lachlan takes over the new non-movie and TV company.

Is this Game of Thrones?

A new publisher, Sean Giancola, who has been with the company as chief revenue officer since 2015, steps up.

James Murdoch was known to be leaving, but no time had been set for his departure. But yesterday, Bloomberg News revealed James has leased space to set up a family office to manage the Murdoch billions. This would suggest his exit is soon.

The Post, which loses many millions every year, is a vanity production but we can’t live without it. Yet, according to alexa.com, its online traffic has been in decline. (I don’t know why.) So they’ve also announced that a new digital editor in chief has taken over named Michelle Gotthelf.

And Rupert Murdoch? He says not a word, still off of Twitter and out of the spotlight. But you know he approved the whole thing. He’s still pulling the strings.


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