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Brad Pitt wanted to Make it Right in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. His heart was in the right place.

But the road to hell it is paved with good intentions. And now the website for Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation has completely disappeared. If you try to find Makeitright.org you get an Error 404. It’s gone.

Last September lawsuits were filed against Make it Right as it turned out many of the homes Pitt’s organization built in the Lower 9th Ward were crumbling or plagued with mold or rot. NBC did a huge report on this.

In October, a lawsuit brought by homeowners was moved to Federal Court. Reports then said that most of the MakeitRight staff had disappeared, and that the company was operating out of a trailer. Then Pitt sued the architect of the homes. It’s ironic, because it was Pitt who held himself out as an architectural expert. The lawsuit claimed that the architect’s  designs exposed wood to rain and moisture, failed to include adequate waterproofing, and featured roofs that weren’t up to code. A number of design flaws made the homes susceptible to water intrusion, according to the lawsuit.

Frankly, they were the ugliest houses in the world. They certainly didn’t reflect the grand styles of New Orleans homes.

Two weeks ago, on January 3rd, the New Orleans Advocate reported that there were concerns about possible gas leaks in the MakeitRight homes.

The organization has not filed a tax return since 2015.

And now, the website is gone. Pitt has been shooting Quentin Tarantino’s new movie, and dealing with his divorce and custody issues in Hollywood. He has otherwise kept a low profile.


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