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I told you on Saturday that Paris Jackson, 20, had been MIA from social media for a month, since about December 12th.

UPDATE: Paris says on Instagram: “the media is exaggerating per usual.. yes i’ve taken a break from work and social media and my phone because it can be too much sometimes, and everyone deserves a break, but i am happy and healthy and feeling better than ever! gabriel and i have some new music we’re stoked to share with y’all! (@thesoundflowers) hope you guys’ new year started out with lots of love and light and all the things. i’ll be back soon!! xxox”

The Gabriel she’s referring to is a musician named Gabriel Glenn. They’ve formed an unofficial still to be determined music group called The Soundflowers. (Not the Wallflowers.) So far, there’s no evidence of any music but a kind of seventies bad Eagles sounding material.

EARLIER: Today, someone gave ET a statement saying Paris was taking time off and getting treatment for her “emotional health.” I know who the source is, they go to ET like it’s their church. But it’s fine, it’s all true.

Plain speak: she’s in rehab. A close friend told me over the weekend, “The last few months have been very hard for her.”

Paris has battled depression and suicidal thoughts for several years. Who can blame her? Her father was killed, she had to endure the trial of Dr. Murray, not to mention false accusations against Michael from people wanting money from his estate. Now a documentary is coming with more sketchy claims. Paris deserves time to find herself and find ways to cope with all kinds of craziness.

My bet is she comes back better than ever, kicking ass, and taking names.

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