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The “Roseanne” spin off, “The Conners,” is getting renewed for another season. Two cast members have indicated to me that they already know the good news, both Laurie Metcalf and Sarah Gilbert.

The renewal comes despite a rocky first season. They debuted with 10.5 million viewers and last week, their 9th, brought 6.85 million. They have two more episodes in this season, tonight and next week.

What’s interesting is that “The Conners” brings in an extra 2.5 million people who DVR the show. They have a big audience who save it for later. That’s helping them.

Also, aside from juggernaut “NCIS” opposite them, “The Conners” brings in the highest ratings of the night. They also provide a lead in for ABC’s comedy lineup, which doesn’t do as well as “The Conners.” But you’ve got to fill the time with something. And for now, “The Conners” will do just fine.

Metcalf, by the way, is coming back to Broadway this spring with John Lithgow in “Hillary and Clinton.” She’s won back to back Tony Awards in “A Doll’s House Pt. 2” and “Three Tall Women.” She’s one of our great actresses. One upside of “The Conners” is that we’ve gotten to see more of her character, Jackie. That’s a good read to keep the show going!

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