Home Media Monday Night Cable Wars: Sean Hannity Falls Below 2 Million Viewers, Beaten...

I had to doublecheck Sean Hannity was on his show last night. He scored just 1,965,000 viewers between 9 and 10pm on  Fox News.

Rachel Maddow killed it, bringing  in just over 3 million on MSBC at the same hour.

Maddow has been cleaning Hannity’s clock for several weeks. But this is the first time I can recall her opening a lead of 1 million viewers.

Maddow’s large lead into Lawrence O’Donnell means he’s trouncing Laura Ingraham at 10pm. Plus those Fox News anchor are losing ads. Trouble in River City!

My guess is Maddow will repeat tonight.

Meantime, Hannity got into it last night with Geraldo over immigration. Slowly Rivera is losing the company mandate at Fox News and showing his humanity. Hannity has none.

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