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On the Golden Globes red carpet yesterday afternoon, Julian Schnabel gave me some important personal news. This week he married for the third time, to interior designer and film editor Louise Kugelberg. He’s 67, she’s in her thirties. But they’ve been together for some time and seem happy. Congrats!

Schnabel is a famous painter, of course, and film director. His latest, “At Eternity’s Gate,” is a wonderful biopic of Vincent van Gogh. Kugelberg actually edited the film, her first effort, and co-wrote the screenplay.

Schnabel was previously married to Jacqueline Beaurang, with whom he has three children–Lola, Vito, and Stella– and Olatz López Garmendia, the mother of his twin sons, Olmo and Cy. He also has a 4 year old son with model May Anderson. Lola is a few years older than her new step mother but — you know– what the heck? I’ve talked to Louise a lot, and she’s great. Much happiness to both of them!

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