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The Golden Globes tomorrow night on NBC may break the recent curse for awards shows that have suffered in the ratings.

That’s because for once Sunday night football isn’t up against the Hollywood fest. There’s no real competition except for “NCIS” at 8pm on CBS.

Indeed, football may help the the Globes since NBC is airing the NFL playoff game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears at 4:30pm Eastern. The Eagles killed the Bears quickly the last time they met, so the Globes should start at 8pm sharp with a huge lead in from this game.

My TV expert  notes: “The media is going to go ballistic with the huge ratings for this year’s Golden Globes on NBC. But, there should be a real reason for what might be assumed to be a massive improvement in the ratings. The 2018 show got about 16-17 million viewers (forget the demos). This year’s show could easily/should easily be closer to 20 million. There is one real reason – the NFL Playoff game on Sunday afternoon. The secondary reason might be the dispute between Charter (cable0 and the Tribune Stations which are ‘dark.'”

So let’s see. The biggest beneficiary will be Globes co-host Andy Samberg. He’s promoting the transfer of his sitcom “Brooklyn Nine Nine” from Fox to NBC.


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