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In Los Angeles media, the death of 43 year old news anchor Chris Burrous is being described as “he died.”

In the New York papers, where we’re awake, the Post and the Daily News acknowledge in their headlines that Burrous was found dead at a motel from a possible drug overdose. A “male friend” called in that someone was unresponsive.

Huh? What the heck was Chris Burrous doing at a Days Inn Motel in Glendale (a suburb, and far from his office at KTLA) in the middle of the afternoon? Who was the male friend? And why isn’t the LA media questioning the overdose? Did Burrous have a drug problem?

Burrous was also far from his own home, in leafy Northridge. His 1,660 sq. foot ranch house was bought in 2012 for $370,000. (Its valued now between $750K-$850K.) It was a far cry from the $100 rooms at the Days Inn.

He’s lucky this didn’t happen in New York. From Los Angeles all we’re getting is kind of a big yawn. If anyone knows more about this, please email me at showbiz411@gmail.com. The man was married and had a daughter. He obviously had a secret life. But as Raymond Chandler knew so well, everyone in LA does.

A real tragedy.

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