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It must be the end of the year. Ricky Gervais has launched his annual Twitter tirade against Buckingham Palace after being snubbed once again for a Queen’s Award. “Dunkirk” director Christopher Nolan, Twiggy, actress Sophie Okrnedo, “Mr Carson” aka Jim Carter from “Downtown Abbey,” Margaret Atwood, Michael Palin, and Thandie Newton all made the cut this year. But not Ricky. Every year he’s overlooked and every year he complains. It does seem ridiculous that he doesn’t have something. I mean, really: Twiggy? Ricky is right. He deserves something by now. His version of “The Office” (he created it) in Britain was superb. He brought us the American version. All his other work is top notch. He’s hilarious and smart. Come on, Queen Elizabeth! Give in!

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