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Where, oh where, is Zayn Malik?

The former One Direction star released his new album, “Icarus Falls.” The 27 track title had no PR or marketing, and was just dumped onto an unsuspecting public.

Since then, “Icarus” has sold 2,400 actual copies, and 16.7K including streaming of all the songs. The album has radio play either. It’s a bust.

Zayn, meantime, has not made a peep on social media since December 14th. That’s 13 days of silence. No Twitter or Instagram, no radio or TV appearances. No Christmas sightings. Is he ok? Does he know the album came out? Indeed, did he want the record to come out? I’m thinking now that RCA just released everything they had to get out of their contract with Zayn. Someone had to pull the trigger, and it was the label.

Meantime, the songwriters whose work appears on the album are trying to rally the troops. Herbie Crichlow, who wrote so many hits for the Backstreet Boys, is waging his own campaign on Twitter. Herbie wrote the album’s best song, “Good Years.” He’d like to have a hit. I’ll bet, but his artist is MIA.

Come back, Zayn! You’ve got to work your album!

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