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What’s going on with out friend, Aquaman?

On Monday– yesterday, Christmas Eve– his movie dropped at least 42% from Sunday. It was the biggest drop among blockbuster holiday movies.

“Aquaman” only took in $10.95 mil on Monday after making more than $18 mil on Sunday. Whoa! Monday should have been a big day for people who weren’t working and had nothing whatsoever to do.

But “Aquaman” has $83.6 million after four days in US release. So that’s not shabby. And of course, internationally, Warner Bros. already made their money back. to the tune of $415 million. So they can splash around as much as they like!

Even worse: Peter Jackson’s “Mortal Engines” is deader than dead. It took in the same amount as “Green Book” but played in 4.5 times as many theaters. “Mortal Engines” is a total write off in the millions of millions.

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