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“Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes, the Queen of ShondaLand, has taken umbrage with a story on a website called The Wrap. She’s written on Twitter: Why do reporters always say writers were “lured”? Like we’re children following a trail of candy. I created a $2B+ revenue stream for a major Corp with my imagination. I do not follow trails of candy. I am the candy.”

Right on, Shonda. The Wrap writer wrote in his article: “After luring [Shonda] Rhimes away from ABC Studios last year, Netflix begin 2018 by signing fellow uber-producer [Ryan] Murphy to an eye-popping $300 million deal, getting him to leave his own longtime home at 20th Century Fox. Netflix next enticed “Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris, after he cut short his deal with ABC Studios.”

Shonda’s Tweet ranks as the Best of 2018. She’s totally right. Netflix is going for the gold– and the gold, the candy, are these content providers who turned themselves into one person studios. I feel bad that Steve Bochco is in heaven now. He did the same thing. Tyler Perry has done it, too. Norman Lear in his prime was the example of it all. He was a candy factory!

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