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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees for 2019 are Janet Jackson, Roxy Music, The Zombies, Stevie Nicks, Def Leppard, The Cure, and Radiohead.

Jackson, Roxy Music, and the Zombies came via the nominating committee. The others were the top vote-getters from the public vote on the RRHOF website.

Roxy Music and the Zombies should have been in there long ago. Radiohead, in my opinion, is ridiculous. They’re like drones. But hey.

I would urge the Hall to induct Billy Preston as a sideman this year. The only artist ever listed on a record label with the Beatles, Preston is a glaring omission from the Hall. He played on so many hits, and with so many stars, and he had big hits on his own.

Janet Jackson is most welcome, and one of the hardest working people in the history of pop music.

Stevie Nicks — I do hope she has to explain on the red carpet what she did to Lindsey Buckingham. That should be a good story.

In more important news, the RRHOF’s Form 990 tax return states that they had direct expenses of over $5 million in 2017 for their annual induction dinner and concert. That left them $4.7 million in the RED for events. Revenue less expenses totally for the year was MINUS $2 million. The 2017 show was held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The group’s CEO, Joel Peresman, made just over $400,000 for the year.



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