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This does not come as a surprise.

“Network,” with Bryan Cranston’s sizzling star performance, has extended its run on Broadway through next April 28th, which also happens to be the deadline for Tony Award eligibility.

Cranston should get the Tony, but he will be in a tight race with Jeff Daniels, who opens tomorrow night in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Daniels also gives helluva performance, if not quite as electric. It’s a quieter turn, but just as powerful.

The Tony Award race for Best Actor in a Play has thus become a chess game among producers. What fun!

Both plays are must-see, with lots of supporting performances, too worthy of awards. What’s even more interesting is that both plays can win. “Network” is adapted from its movie, but it’s never been a stage play. “Mockingbird” would appear to be a revival, as it’s been produced before. So they could each win unless producer Scott Rudin insists that Aaron Sorkin’s reworked take on Harper Lee’s material is new. Then we’ll have a quite a fight on our hands!

And that’s what will likely happen. Even though it’s Harper Lee’s characters and plot, “Mockingbird” is listed as a play by Sorkin.

So who will outspend to win the Tony?

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