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Do you care if Kanye West shuts down Greene Street in Soho the weekend after Christmas? If the answer is YES, then head on down to 32 Waverly Place tonight at 6:30pm. That’s when Community Board number 2 will hear an application from Adidas for a two day product launch so the world can appreciate new, expensive sneakers.

Kanye — who was publicly chastised for being on his phone during “The Cher Show” opening night — wants to take over Greene Street between Prince and Spring on December 28th and December 29th for his Yeezy Boost 350 Static V2 sneakers. Their starting price is $220 but the hope– that is, Kanye’s hope– is that people will pay two or three times that because he only makes 5,000 pairs. Instead of “lock her up” the chant on the sidewalk should be “lace it up!”

Apparently there’s an Adidas Originals Store at 115 Spring Street, which is where the purchases will be made. Soho is so changed from what it used to be, the idea of an Adidas store in the center of it is heartbreaking. What’s worse is lines of people snaking around Spring and Greene waiting to buy overpriced footwear. I’ve never seen another human wearing Yeezy’s. I think people collect them and put them away. (amirite?) We did with this with Swatch watches in the late 80s. They’re worth nothing now. Good luck.

CB2 recently denied pop-up stores for Cartier and for MAC Cosmetics. So Kanye may have to re-think this plan.

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