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SATURDAY NIGHT UPDATE: “Good Years” is stuck at number 34 on iTunes. Where are all the Zayn fans?

FRIDAY: Zayn Malik, ex One Direction, is making one more stab at a hit with the melancholy “Good Years.” He’s released six singles since his hit first solo album. All of them sank like stones. “Good Years” is written by Herbie Crichlow, who penned the Backstreet Boys hits “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” and “Quit Playing Games with My Heart.”

The new Zayn album is called “Icarus Falls,” so I guess it’s all about flying too close to the sun and melting his wings. No tracklist yet, but the album hits in one week, next Friday, December 14th. Initial reaction to “Good Years” sends it to number 25 on iTunes tonight, but it’s a tricky time with Christmas singles clogging the charts.

We root for Zayn, who suffers from anxiety, has trouble touring and performing live, and dated Gigi Hadid, a model who is in the Kardashian galaxy (don’t ask). He’s covered in tattoos, too, like Guy Pearce in “Memento.” But he has an earnest interest in R&B, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. For now.

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