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“Murphy Brown 2.0” is over. The ten episode order for a reboot will not be renewed. Low ratings and terrible scripts killed the reunion. The show averaged just under 6 million viewers, was adding nothing to the CBS ratings for other shows, and just seemed…old. I’m sorry they didn’t get it, or try to update it. But the show was basically a harangue. The only young character, Avery Brown, Murphy’s son, looked like a skier or snowboarder. He certainly didn’t look like fictional father Jake Lowenstein, played Robin Thomas (who’s disappeared after a long run on TV) who was dark-haired and Jewish. All of 2.0 was misconceived. Too bad.

Madonna has lost her case against her co-op board. Madonna lives in a two-house wide building on the Upper East Side. But she still owns a mega co-op on the West Side, where she was housing various kids, nannies, maids. I guess Lourdes was living there. But Madonna wasn’t, and the co-op board said No. So did a New York judge. So that party is over. It’s nice to see justice overcame celebrity.

Last year’s Independent Spirit Awards scored just 95,000 viewers when it was shown live from Los Angeles last March. So to make it score lower, they’ve selected actress Aubrey Plaza as host of next February’s show. The nominees are exceedingly dull already. No one knows who Aubrey Plaza is. I thought she was a shopping center. Film Independent is the oversight group for the Spirit Awards. They just announced they’re discontinuing the LA Film Festival. I don’t think these people have a clue about what they’re doing. But they all have nice six figure salaries.




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