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it hasn’t been a good year for John Travolta.

His “Gotti” movie was one of the worst of the year, made no money and had terrible reviews. It was painful to watch, frankly.

Now his latest, “Speed Kills,” was quietly dropped onto Amazon Prime this past week after receiving a 9 on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Speed Kills” is the story of Cigarette boat founder Don Aronow, who was murdered back in 1987 in Miami. His boats were used for drug running. I know a little bit about it because Miami’s great reporter, Edna Buchanan, wrote a feature about Aronow for the late lamented Fame magazine back in 1988. In the movie, they’ve changed Aronow’s name to Aronoff.

Hey–James Remar is in this movie, he plays Meyer Lansky! Someone named Jodi Scurfield, with no credits, is listed as director on the imdb. Elsewhere, there’s another credit, John Luessenhop, who seems like he directed “Texas Chainsaw 3D” in 2013. I don’t know how I missed that one!

Saban Films was supposed to distribute “Speed Kills” in the US, but they may have just given up.

Why is Travolta bothering to make this crap? Is Scientology blackmailing him? He should have enough money to wait for something halfway decent. Otherwise, isn’t it time for Welcome Back Kotter: The Senior Years? Or Eddie Munster: After the Cult? He’s got at least three more of these Shit straight to video things coming– seriously, one of them is directed by Fred Durst. I mean, come on.

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