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Are there really only 20,000 people annoying me on Twitter? Because that’s the number of fans who bought Mariah Carey’s “Caution” album in its first 48 hours of release, from Friday midnight through Sunday 12 am.

“Caution” hit number 4 upon release on iTunes. But the total sales numbers come from Buzz Angle Pro.

Meantime, Mumford and Sons’ new album, “Delta,” came out of the gate at top speed. They sold 145,000 copies in the same period, better than 7 times as many as “Caution.” Hitsdailydouble.com predicts a total for the week of 40K for Mariah and over 200K for Mumford.

So where are all these Mariah fans, the ones who allegedly sent “Glitter” to number 1 last week? Will there be #justiceforCaution?

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